HANKOOK DYNAPRO ATM RF10 XL 235/75R16 | Hankook Tires Review


ATM RF10 XL 235/75R16 Review. Designed for the latest generation of cars where comfort, high-speed stability and safety are the essential requirements. It includes a technological platform that gives a special footprint (contact patch) making this model a reliable , secure on wet surfaces, assured when braking, quiet on the road and resistant to all types of road stress. The benefits are more grip and total stability, with less fatigue and thus longer mileage. This model reduces fuel consumption and atmospheric pollution.

  • Fuel Efficient compound provides low rolling resistance which enhances fuel efficiency

  • Reliable traction in multiple driving conditions for year-round performance

  • Dry tread zone helps enhance handling and grip on dry pavement

  • 40,000 Miles Manufacture Warranty

  • New tire. Free Shipping

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