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Master Lock 2953AT 12-Volt DC Portable Winch

Master Lock 2953AT 12-Volt DC Portable Winch Best Price on 12-Volt DC

  • 12-volt portable winch with remote and hand crank

  • Attaches to ball mount or a flat surface with plate

  • Capacities: 2000-pound pulling, 5000-pound marine, 6,000-pound rolling

  • Includes power battery cables, remote, back-up hand crank and safety hook

  • Convenient built-in carrying handle; 1-year warranty

No need to buy a winch for each vehicle or trailer, this portable DC-powered unit mounts to any hitch or flat surface to haul in that boat, vehicle, trailer, and more! The winch can be temporary or permanently mounted to either a ball-mount hitch or a flat surface. A parallel-shaft gear ensures efficient power for rolling wheeled trailers and vehicles up to 6,000 pounds, pulling things up to 5,000 pounds through water, or dragging items up to 2,000 pounds. The winch shuts down automatically if overloaded. And, a toggle remote control lets you control the action from a distance. The winch is equipped with a 20-foot cable that reaches easily from the front of any truck back to a standard trailer–a nice feature for towing the boat in snug up against the trailer. –Brian D. Olson

List Price: $ 110.36

Price: $ 56.99

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