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225/70/16 H418 102T 55% designed for the latest generation of Sports and Luxury Sedans where comfort, high-speed stability and safety are the essential requirements. It includes a technological platform that gives a special footprint (contact patch) making this model a reliable , secure on wet surfaces, assured when braking, quiet on the road and resistant to all types of road stress. The benefits are more grip and total stability, with less fatigue and thus longer mileage. This model reduces fuel consumption and atmospheric pollution. All tires have been inspected for leaks, cuts, bubbles, sidewall cracks. Some tires may previously been patched and we post them for sale only if repair passes safety inspection. Lifetime warranty applies to all prior repairs (if any). Shipping Fast free shipping. Orders placed before 3pm will ship the same day via Fedex. You`ll get it fast. Amount of remaining tread life is indicated as % (percentage) at the end of product title.

  • Increased hydroplane resistance for improved wet weather performance

  • Reliable traction in multiple driving conditions for year-round performance

  • Dry tread zone helps enhance handling and grip on dry pavement

  • 14 Days/3,000 Miles Limited Warranty

  • Safety Tested Used Tire. Free Shipping

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