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V4 ES All-Season

V4 ES Review . The superb wet and dry handling of the Ventus V4 ES is competitive with some of the best UHP summer tires available, but the Ventus V4 ES also gets twice the winter performance of the typical summer UHP tire. The best technological advances in profile design, construction, tread pattern and tread compound have been applied together in one state-of-the-art tire. The result is a sophisticated tire that provides excellent handling in all weather conditions, along with an advanced, cutting-edge appearance. The Hankook Ventus series represents a new concept in tires to deliver exceptional control, braking, and comfort. The Ventus V4 ES is engineered to provide superior handling and feedback during extreme driving conditions. Enjoy ultra-high performance with the benefit of all-season driving ability. State-of-the-art engineering, tread compound, and profile design allow the Ventus V4 ES to offer excellent wet and dry handling with twice the all-season performance of a typical.

  • Excellent handling in all weather conditions, with an advanced, cutting-edge appearance

  • Firm central rib and the long central interlock button for improved stopping distance and reduced pattern noise

  • Optimal design with enlarged main grooves facilitates water drainage to minimize hydroplaning

  • Predictable transient handling characteristics for improved road feel

  • Reduced high contact pressure areas, which minimize noise and resist irregular wear

Hankook Ventus V4 ES Review

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